Eco-Friendly Sneakers: Top Brands


Eco-Friendly Sneakers: Top Brands

The demand for eco-friendly sneakers has surged as consumers become more conscious of their environmental impact. Here are some top brands leading the way in sustainable footwear, including Covlor®:

1. Covlor®

  • Natural Rubber Soles: Covlor® uses natural rubber for its sneaker soles, ensuring durability and environmental friendliness.
  • Sustainable Practices: The brand is committed to reducing its carbon footprint through eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes.
  • Community Impact: Covlor® focuses on generating employment and supporting the local economy in Bihar.

2. Allbirds

  • Renewable Materials: Allbirds sneakers are made from materials like merino wool, eucalyptus tree fiber, and sugarcane.
  • Carbon Neutral: The company offsets its carbon emissions and strives to minimize its environmental impact.

3. Veja

  • Ethically Sourced: Veja uses organic cotton, wild rubber from the Amazon, and recycled plastic bottles in their sneaker production.
  • Transparency: The brand is known for its transparent production process and commitment to fair trade practices.

4. Adidas

  • Parley for the Oceans Collaboration: Adidas has partnered with Parley to create sneakers made from recycled ocean plastic.
  • Sustainable Initiatives: The brand is working towards using only recycled polyester in all products by 2024.

5. Nike

  • Move to Zero: Nike’s sustainability initiative aims for zero carbon and zero waste through innovative designs and sustainable materials.
  • Recycled Materials: The brand uses recycled polyester and other eco-friendly materials in many of its products.

6. Rothy’s

  • Recycled Materials: Rothy’s creates sneakers from recycled plastic water bottles, making them both stylish and sustainable.
  • 3D Knitting Technology: This technique reduces waste and ensures a perfect fit.


  • Earthwise Collection: TOMS offers a range of eco-friendly shoes made from sustainable materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester.
  • Giving Back: For every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS donates to a person in need, focusing on sustainable impact.

8. Native Shoes

  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free: Native Shoes are 100% animal-free, making them a great choice for vegans.
  • The Remix Project: This initiative recycles old shoes into materials for community projects.

9. Reebok

  • Cotton + Corn Collection: Reebok’s innovative line uses sustainable materials like cotton and corn for a low environmental impact.
  • [REE]GROW and [REE]CYCLED: These lines focus on using plant-based and recycled materials.

10. Cariuma

  • Natural Materials: Cariuma uses materials like bamboo, organic cotton, and recycled plastics.
  • Tree Planting: The brand plants two trees in the Brazilian rainforest for every pair of sneakers sold.


These brands showcase how fashion and sustainability can go hand-in-hand, offering stylish, comfortable, and environmentally responsible footwear options. Whether you’re looking for everyday wear, athletic shoes, or high-fashion sneakers, these eco-friendly brands provide excellent choices that help protect the planet.

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