The Visionary Behind Covlor® Sneakers


The Visionary Behind Covlor® Sneakers: Vibhooti Kishor, the “Sneakers Man of India”

In the bustling world of footwear, one name stands out for its innovative approach and commitment to sustainability: Vibhooti Kishor. Known as the “Sneakers Man of India,” Vibhooti Kishor is the founder and CEO of Covlor® Sneakers, a brand that has rapidly gained recognition since its inception in 2023. With a background in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from IIT Guwahati, Vibhooti has leveraged cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the sneaker industry while also contributing to socio-economic development in Bihar.

Early Life and Education

Vibhooti Kishor’s journey is a testament to the power of education and vision. Born and raised in Bihar, he pursued his higher education at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati, where he specialized in AI and ML. This technical expertise has played a crucial role in his entrepreneurial journey, enabling him to integrate advanced technology into the footwear manufacturing process.

The Birth of Covlor® Sneakers

In 2023, Vibhooti founded Covlor® Sneakers with a clear mission: to create eco-friendly, high-quality footwear that could compete on a global scale while fostering local employment and industry growth in Bihar. His vision was to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, ensuring that every pair of Covlor® sneakers not only looks good but also feels good and does good for the planet.

Innovation in Footwear

One of the standout features of Covlor® sneakers is their soles, which are made from natural rubber. This choice reflects Vibhooti’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Unlike conventional synthetic materials, natural rubber is biodegradable and reduces the ecological footprint of the sneakers. Additionally, the use of computerized machines in the manufacturing process ensures precision, consistency, and high-quality output.

Employment and Economic Growth

Vibhooti Kishor’s vision extends beyond just creating a successful brand; he is passionate about generating employment and boosting the footwear industry in Bihar. By setting up manufacturing units in the state, Covlor® has provided numerous job opportunities, contributing to the local economy. This initiative not only empowers individuals with stable employment but also aims to position Bihar as a significant player in the Indian footwear industry.

The “Sneakers Man of India”

Vibhooti’s innovative approach and his dedication to social causes have earned him the nickname “Sneakers Man of India.” This moniker reflects his influence and the respect he commands within the industry. His efforts in combining eco-friendly practices with technological advancements have set a new benchmark for sustainability in footwear.

Leveraging Technology for Excellence

At the core of Covlor®’s manufacturing process is the integration of AI and ML. These technologies optimize production efficiency, reduce waste, and ensure that each sneaker meets the highest standards of quality. The use of computerized machines allows for precise cutting, stitching, and assembling, resulting in a superior product that resonates with consumers looking for style, comfort, and sustainability.

Looking Forward

Vibhooti Kishor’s journey with Covlor® is just beginning. As the brand continues to grow, his focus remains on expanding its reach while staying true to its core values of sustainability, quality, and social impact. Future plans include expanding the product line, exploring international markets, and continuing to innovate with new materials and technologies.


Vibhooti Kishor, with his blend of technical expertise and visionary leadership, is transforming the footwear landscape in India. Covlor® Sneakers stands as a testament to what can be achieved when innovation meets social responsibility. By creating eco-friendly products and generating employment, Vibhooti is not only shaping the future of the sneaker industry but also paving the way for sustainable economic growth in Bihar. His journey serves as an inspiration, proving that with the right vision and commitment, it is possible to make a significant impact both locally and globally.

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