1. Why buy from Covlor?

Covlor is the first leading Sneakers brand in India. It is online retail e-commerce that enables anyone from anywhere in India and from around the world to purchase Luxury sneakers online at an affordable price.

3. What does “Customization” mean?

You can even choose the colors and designs of canvas materials as you like. It totally depends on your choice. We want to give full freedom to our customer who wants to feel different. That's why we bring this technology to the shoe industry.

5. How can I get a discount on shoes?

Yes, you can get a discount on your new purchase and if you refer to your friends you will get some exciting offers or gifts.

7. How can these sneakers be used?

Your customized sneakers could be part of a fashion life or can be used as a corporate gift for your friends or clients. You can even be to create your own unique collection of shoes and be a difference in your group of friends.

9. Can I change the sizes of shoes after ordering?

Once you confirm your order, you cannot edit them from our site. If you feel that you have chosen the wrong size, please drop us an email within 24 hrs. Because our products are tailor-made just for you.

11. What materials do you use for sneakers?

We are using breathable canvas cotton material for uppers and rubber soles. Our all materials are recyclable and don't harm the environment and society

2. Why sneakers?

The sneaker is the best-trending shoe for youngsters. So we are the first customize sneakers manufacturer in India at a very cheap price. Fabric(canvas) sneakers are very comfortable and breathable.

4. How many sneakers models do you offer now?

Currently, we are offering a few sneakers models but slowly this quantity will increase, and also we are planning to launch loafers models soon.

6. What is your making time?

Your customized sneakers generally take 5-7 working days to ready to ship.

8. How do make sure to get my correct size?

Currently, we offer only 4 sizes to ensure that all our customers can use the sneakers. We have created a Size chart to measure your exact size according to our models. Still, If you have further questions about sizing, please consult with our sales team for better recommendations.

10. Can I return/exchange my customized shoe?

Yes, you can exchange your shoes, if it has manufacturing defects. And our products are tailor-made just for you. So, we cannot accept returns.

12. Can you offer to customize formal shoes?

Currently, we are not offering to customize formal shoes. But if you really need that then contact our sales team.

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